Bleach Rabbit Ear with Chicken

Bleach Rabbit ear with Chicken is a best-selling pet snack based on chicken, suitable for all types of pet dogs for more than three months. It can well supplement your pet’s daily nutritional consumption.
Our product selects high-quality chicken breasts from a strict breeding environment. It has the characteristics of high protein, low fat, and easy absorption.We reject additives, bleaching agents, chemical processing, etc.and care for the healthy growth of every pet

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Composition analysis:

Crube Protein:65%min
Crube Fat:8% max
Crube Fiber:1.5% max
Ash:4.5% max
Moisture:18% max

Product manual:

Products name Bleach Rabbit ear with Chicken
Product specifications 100g per color bag(accept customization)
Suitable All types of dogs over three months old
Shelf life 18 months
Product main ingredients Chicken
Storage method Avoid direct sunlight, preferably in a cool and ventilated place



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