• Choosing Snacks for Cats

    Choosing snacks for cats is not as simple as you imagine. In addition to satisfying their appetites, snacks also have many other practical functions for cats.   The role of snacks   1. Have fun with boring time   Many cats stay at home alone during the day and are very boring. Some nibble and fun...
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  • Process flow of freeze-dried chicken pet snacks

    Process flow of freeze-dried chicken pet snacks

    Freeze-dried pet chicken requires a freeze-drying machine when making it. For example, cat chicken freeze-drying. Before making the chicken, prepare the chicken and cut it into small pieces of about 1CM, with a thinner thickness, so that the drying rate is fast. Then put it into the L4 freeze-dry...
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  • Advantages of pet dog meat snacks

    1.The moisture content of dried meat is less than 14%, which ensures that the unit weight of the product can contain more nutrients. At the same time, it is chewy and chewy, which is more in line with the nature of dogs like to tear and chew 2.When the dog is enjoying the deliciousness of the dri...
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  • Dogs with these performances indicate “malnutrition”, so please give them nutrition quickly!

    Dogs with these performances indicate “malnutrition”, so please give them nutrition quickly!

    In the process of raising a dog, the owner must observe the dog’s physical symptoms more, and feeding it does not necessarily have sufficient nutrition. When the dog is malnourished, the following manifestations will appear. If your dog has If it is, just give it nourishment! 1. The dog is thin I...
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  • The importance of pet treats for pets

    1. The smell of treats will stimulate the appetite of dogs, so that dogs who do not like to eat can eat a lot. 2. It is very convenient to train dogs for some movements. In order to eat snacks, they will quickly remember some movements and politeness, which is very helpful to training. 3. Pet tre...
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  • Korea has banned the import of U.S. eggs and chicken

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs bans the import of live chicks (chickens and ducks), poultry (including pet and wild birds), poultry eggs, edible eggs, and chickens from the United States as of March 6 due to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza H7 in the United S...
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  • The FDA is proposing new rules for pet food

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing regulations for domestic and foreign facilities that are required to register under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act) to establish requirements for current good manufacturing practice in manufacturing, processing, p...
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  • Types and functions of pet snacks

    Chews category: It can effectively exercise your pet’s jaw chewing ability, grind your pet’s teeth, and prevent dental calculus. Such products can also become toys to prevent pets from biting things at home everywhere. Meat snacks: Meat snacks are high-quality pet snacks. The deliciou...
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  • How to choose healthy snacks for dogs?

    How to choose healthy snacks for dogs?

    In addition to feeding the dogs the staple food, we also choose some snacks for them. In fact, choosing snacks is also more health-conscious. How should we choose snacks for dogs? 1. Raw materials When choosing snacks for dogs, we can choose from the raw materials. Generally speaking, it usually ...
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  • Proper feeding for dogs

    First, control the amount of dog snacks, dog snacks to eat more will affect the dog’s meal. Two, can not be replaced by snacks meals, snacks nutritional content is relatively single, as a meal of nutrition. So you must not substitute snacks for meals. Three, do not let the dog to develop th...
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  • Introduction of freeze-dried pet treats

    Freeze-drying technology is to freeze fresh raw meat rapidly at minus 40 degrees Celsius and then dry and dehydrate it. This is a physical process. This process only extracts the water from the ingredients, and the nutrients in the ingredients are better retained. Freeze-dried ingredients remain ...
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  • A few snacks suitable for dogs

    For greedy dogs, in addition to the daily feeding of dog food, the owner will also feed some additional fruits, snacks, etc., to the dog supplement nutrition at the same time, but also can solve hunger. Today Xiaobian to introduce to you, suitable for dogs to eat a few “snacks”, delic...
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