Proper feeding for dogs

First, control the amount of dog snacks, dog snacks to eat more will affect the dog’s meal.

Two, can not be replaced by snacks meals, snacks nutritional content is relatively single, as a meal of nutrition. So you must not substitute snacks for meals.

Three, do not let the dog to develop the habit of eating snacks every day, dog snacks are usually used for a reward. When a reward becomes something that happens every day, the dog doesn’t think of it as a reward.

Four, different kinds of snacks should be paired with the dog to eat, one can let the dog have a fresh feeling, two to also can let the dog intake of more nutrition.

There are many different kinds of dog snacks, which are good for your dog. Proper feeding can help you bond with your dog. But feeding your dog too much can be stressful and dangerous.

Although snacks are good, don’t want to greed “cup” oh ~~~

Post time: May-09-2013