Introduction of freeze-dried pet treats

Freeze-drying technology is to freeze fresh raw meat rapidly at minus 40 degrees Celsius and then dry and dehydrate it. This is a physical process. This process only extracts the water from the ingredients, and the nutrients in the ingredients are better retained. Freeze-dried ingredients remain unchanged in volume, loose and porous, extremely light in weight, crispy and easy to chew, and can be restored to a fresh state after being soaked in water.

Freeze-dried pet treats are free of parasites. Since the raw material is fresh meat, some pet owners have concerns about this. Although freeze-dried treats are made from fresh meat, they have undergone a series of processing (vacuum drying and freezing, etc.). Freeze-dried pet treats will not have parasite problems!

Freeze-dried pet treats are not only rich in protein, but also contain minerals and dietary fiber¬†which are very good for the pet’s body.

Post time: Jan-18-2012