A few snacks suitable for dogs

For greedy dogs, in addition to the daily feeding of dog food, the owner will also feed some additional fruits, snacks, etc., to the dog supplement nutrition at the same time, but also can solve hunger. Today Xiaobian to introduce to you, suitable for dogs to eat a few “snacks”, delicious is not expensive!


If your dog isn’t lactose intolerant, cheese is a great snack option because it’s high in protein, calcium, light in flavor, and easy to digest. Snacks like feta cheese are high in calcium. You can give your dog calcium, but don’t eat too much.

Chicken dry

Meat is what dogs like to eat. Dried chicken and duck are good snacks. Meat snacks are some dried meat or sausages, which are chewy and generally love to eat. It is recommended to “eat not greasy chicken”, which is low in fat and can help clean the dog’s mouth.

Dog biscuits

Dog cookies are not only a way to soothe a dog’s hunger, they also serve as training and are a good snack option for dogs. And the fiber in the cookies can help eliminate bad breath and help with digestion, reducing the chance of stinky stools.

If dogs want to reduce stool odor and constipation, it is best to improve their diet. It is best to choose some dog food that is easy to absorb. The food containing yucca powder can improve gastrointestinal absorption and improve stool odor.

For example, “Ole Dog Snack” adopts the drying process, retains the original flavor of the food materials, is not greasy and does not get hot. Eating more fruits and vegetables at ordinary times and adding probiotics is helpful to improve the intestinal function of dogs.

Conclusion: What is your dog’s favorite snack?

Post time: Aug-11-2011